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For artful Elephant Figurines check Elephant Parade’s unique selection of handcrafted Elephant Sculptures

Elephant Parade has a unique selection of handcrafted and hand painted Elephant Statues. Our Elephant Figurines and Elephant Sculptures, Elephant Ornaments, Handcrafted Elephants and Elephant Art are all designed by a wide range of artists, designers, celebrities and other talented people with a heart for Elephant Conservation.

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Size Color Style Parades
  • Golden LotusBy Stefan Philipps$ 114,95
  • Nima NimaBy Mayoly Ruiz$ 114,95
  • Beauty in the CityBy Ye Ruoshi$ 94,95
  • Water FlowersBy Benjamin Sang-Gernchai$ 94,95
  • Monkey BusinessBy Vikarnda Suwanpitak$ 94,95
  • Elephant HerdBy Vichian Pankam$ 114,95
  • Van VaibhavBy Good Earth$ 114,95
  • TaraBy Isabelle Habegger$ 94,95
  • MagicalBy Mme. Chocolat$ 114,95
  • Elephas MusaBy Luciana Mori$ 94,95
  • Return of Delightful DurianBy Nat Posilla$ 114,95
  • Plant ParadiseBy Thiti Suwan$ 114,95
  • Tara AstamangalaBy Good Earth$ 114,95
  • United HandsBy Studio Chiang Mai$ 94,95
  • Rooster KingBy Andrea Episcopo$ 114,95
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