Elephant Statues

For artful Elephant Figurines check Elephant Parade’s unique selection of handcrafted Sculptures

Elephant Parade has a unique selection of handcrafted and hand-painted Elephant Statues. Our Elephant Figurines and Elephant Sculptures, Elephant Ornaments, Handcrafted Elephants, and Elephant Art are all designed by a wide range of artists, designers, celebrities, and other talented people with a heart for Elephant Conservation.

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Size Color Style Parades
  • One Hundred FlowersBy Li BingBing$ 329,00
  • GardnerfanteBy Victor Hugo Marques$ 329,00
  • Tales of DiscoveryBy Studio Chiang Mai$ 389,00
  • Ms. StripeyBy Studio Chiang Mai$ 329,00
  • We love Mosha GlobalBy Diana Francis$ 329,00
  • Evening TideBy Studio Chiang Mai$ 389,00
  • Tropic FeelingBy Narin Kantawong$ 389,00
  • Beautiful Life By Studio Chiang Mai$ 389,00
  • Psycho Elephant Antropofágico TropicalBy Fernando Guimarães & Tons da Terra$ 389,00
  • Sparkling Celebration GoldBy Studio Chiang Mai$ 329,00
  • Peony LoverBy Pitakarn Pongwarut$ 329,00
  • Travel Light AltarBy Theo Kazemier$ 329,00
  • Stay GoldBy Coco Electra$ 389,00
  • Rocky ParkBy Nipon Kaewkumdee$ 389,00
  • Porcelain PatchworkBy Narin Kantawong$ 329,00
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