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  • Literally Colourful BookendsBy Esther Springer€ 149,95
  • Coaster Trade Winds PatternBy Diana Francis€ 12,95
  • Coaster Blossoming Tree of Love ElephantBy Studio Chiang Mai€ 12,95
  • Coaster Celestial ElephantBy Chakrit Choochalerm€ 12,95
  • Coaster Eko ElephantBy Paul Kidby€ 12,95
  • Coaster Sparkling Celebration Gold PatternBy Studio Chiang Mai€ 12,95
  • Mug Macaron Party By Rasamee Kongchan€ 12,95
  • Mug Mrs StripeBy Nongkran Pornmingmas€ 12,95
  • Coaster One Degree North PatternBy Diana Francis€ 12,95
  • Coaster Peacock Garden PatternBy Narin Kantawong€ 12,95
  • Coaster Trade Winds ElephantBy Diana Francis€ 12,95
  • Coaster Amansara PatternBy Kesorn Mueanpang€ 12,95
  • Coaster Bindi PatternBy Catherine Knowles€ 12,95
  • Coaster Celestial PatternBy Chakrit Choochalerm€ 12,95
  • Coaster Eko PatternBy Paul Kidby€ 12,95

The elephant statues from our public art expositions worldwide are now also available in small sizes - giving you the opportunity to have an elephant figurine at home or on your desk at work. For many of our world-famous elephant statue designs, we also make miniature elephant figurines, available in sizes from 10 to 75cm. Our talented team of studio artists have prepared a range of handcrafted elephant miniatures and elephant decorations, based on the original parade statues, allowing you to enjoy the spirit and the colour of Elephant Parade in your very own home. You can even start a collection and have your very own miniature Elephant Parade!

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