Elephant Bookend

This is the perfect elephant book stopper to keep your books in place. Not just any animal bookend…an Elephant Bookend!

Looking for cute bookends, childrens bookends or nursery bookends?  These Elephant bookends are the perfect elephant book stoppers. Not just any cute bookend or decorative bookends…this animal bookend is our Elephant Bookend!

Elephant Mug

What kind of animal mug? An elephant mug!

Looking for cute mugs and not just any animal mug…our elephant mug is a mug…ehh must have! This is your chance to sip in style with colourful mugs decorated with an elephant parade design. 

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  • Coaster Blossoming Tree of Love ElephantBy Studio Chiang Mai$ 14,95
  • Coaster Blossoming Tree of Love Pattern By Studio Chiang Mai$ 14,95
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