Norma Acosta Urrea, please tell us about your son, Angel?

Angel is 23 years old and lives in Mexico City. Angel is a non-verbal kind, fun, interesting and sweet young man who has discovered a way of sharing his world through colours, textures and shapes. He loves painting, swimming, going on short walks, spending time with friends and family, and watching movies.

We (the family) are all very proud of him. We are especially happy and grateful to share his love for elephants and talent. Angel is super proud and glad to join the cause and help these wonderful endangered creatures. We are all very grateful for this opportunity.


How did Angel receive an Elephant Parade Artbox, and what was the reaction?

Angel received the Elephant Parade Artbox as a Christmas present from his dad. He loved it since elephants are his favourite animals and he enjoys painting. He likes many animals and loves nature, some animals like snakes, scare him a little. Elephants are his firm favourite, along with dogs and pandas. At home, we have two dogs and a cat, and he enjoys spending time with them.


Why is art important?

Art has made a huge difference in Angel’s life since it has given him a purpose and a way of showing us more about himself. Angel feels happy while painting. When he finishes his work, he feels proud of the effect his paintings have on people. Angel and the whole family’s life has improved since he discovered his love for art because it has given him a way of sharing a little about himself.


What was the inspiration of Angel’s elephant?

We have a painting (serigraphy) of an elephant made by Leroy Neiman “Charging bull”. Angel probably got inspired by the colours of this painting.


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