Elephant StatueBelinda

By Khunakorn Muenpang Asia Herd

When the flowers bloom I see flower petals overlapping like ocean waves.
The flutter of the butterfly evokes the wind and the light.Seeing it was the beauty that made me feel amazingly happy.

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Elevate your home decor with our Belinda Elephant Statue

Description Elephant name: Belinda
Artist: Khunakorn Muenpang
Parade: Asia Herd

Embrace the enchanting world of "Belinda," an elephant statue that captures the essence of nature's most beautiful phenomena. Inspired by the overlapping petals of blooming flowers resembling ocean waves and the gentle flutter of butterflies, Belinda embodies happiness and the serenity found in nature. This exquisite piece of elephant art is not just a decorative element but a source of inspiration and joy.
With Belinda, invite the elegance and tranquility of nature into your home, or office, or as a thoughtful gift. As an emblem of nature's fleeting beauty, this elephant statue enriches any space with its presence, offering a daily reminder to appreciate the simple, beautiful moments life offers.
Note: "Belinda" Elephant Statue: Inspired by nature's beauty, this piece brings the elegance of blooming flowers and butterflies to your decor.

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