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The Asian elephant, a magnificent yet endangered species, faces critical threats from human-elephant conflict, habitat destruction, poaching, and capture. With fewer than 50,000 individuals remaining, their existence hangs in the balance. Over the past century, we've seen a dramatic reduction in their natural habitats by 95% and a population decline of 90%. Elephants, often referred to as "gardeners of the earth," play a pivotal role in our ecosystem, supporting numerous plant and animal species. Without them, we risk losing a host of other species as well. Immediate action is crucial to avert their potential extinction. Elephant Parade is at the forefront of Asian Elephant Conservation efforts, dedicating resources and raising funds to protect these gentle giants.

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By buying an Elephant Parade statue, you contribute to Asian Elephant Conservation, with 20% of our net profits (minimum €50,000 annually) supporting NGOs Elephant Family and Friends of the Asian Elephant, which cares for Mosha. For direct donations to further support Elephant Family's crucial work, follow the provided link. Your generosity helps protect these magnificent creatures and their habitats.

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Support Asian Elephant Conservation with Elephant Family

Elephant Family, our esteemed partner, is at the forefront of Elephant Conservation efforts. This organization is dedicated to reversing the decline of the Asian elephant, tackling challenges like habitat loss and human-elephant conflict through Conservation initiatives for the Asian elephant. Their work spans several elephant range states, including Thailand, where the Thai Elephant Conservation Center plays a crucial role. Engaging in creative public events, Elephant Family raises awareness and funds for these majestic creatures and their ecosystems.

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Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital, a beacon in Elephant Conservation, offers crucial care to elephants harmed by various adversities. Serving as a sanctuary and treatment center since 1993, it has been instrumental in Asian Elephant Conservation efforts, treating thousands through direct care and the Mobile Vets Project. With a commitment from Elephant Parade, this Elephant Conservation Center continues its mission, ensuring elephants like Mosha, the first to receive a prosthetic leg, have a chance at a healthier life.

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