Celebrating Elephant Art in Worldwide Parades

Welcome to our vibrant world of Elephant Parades, where you can experience the magic of our elephant art through a series of global events. Explore past, present, and future parades showcasing exquisite elephant statues and sculptures, each uniquely designed by various artists. Our parades not only highlight the creativity of elephant design but also promote awareness and support for elephant conservation. Join us at an upcoming elephant exhibition or relive the spectacle of a parade of elephants through photos and stories from events around the world.


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Thank you for exploring the enchanting world of Elephant Parades. Our mission extends beyond the parades; each elephant statue and sculpture serves as an ambassador for elephant conservation. As you've witnessed the splendor of our parades, consider joining us at future events or revisiting your favorite exhibitions online. Together, we can celebrate and sustain the legacy of elephant art and design, ensuring these magnificent creatures are admired and protected for years to come. Keep the spirit of the parade alive and stay connected with us!

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