What is an Elephant Parade?

Elephant Parade is a global art exhibition that features life-sized, hand-painted elephant statues. These parades showcase the work of renowned artists and celebrities, all aiming to raise awareness and funds for elephant conservation. Each elephant statue and elephant sculpture is a unique piece of elephant art, designed to capture the imagination and inspire action towards protecting these magnificent creatures.

Why We Do This

Our mission is to highlight the plight of endangered elephants and support conservation efforts worldwide. Through the parade of elephants, we aim to engage the public, foster appreciation for elephant design, and generate crucial funding for conservation projects. By bringing these art pieces into urban landscapes, we remind people of the beauty and importance of elephants.

About the Burbank 2024 Event

We are excited to announce that Elephant Parade will be coming to Burbank in 2024. This event will feature an array of stunning elephant sculptures on display throughout the city. Visitors can enjoy the artistic beauty of these statues while learning about the critical need for elephant conservation.

Event Details:
Location: Burbank, California, USA
Dates: July 1, 2024 - August 31, 2024
Activities: Art exhibitions, workshops, and educational programs

Notable celebrity and artist-designed statues participating in Elephant Parade® Burbank 2024 include:
Khloé Kardashian: “Jasmine” - A golden, elegant princess symbolizing wealth and wisdom.
Katy Perry: “Trunks” - Bright colors inspired by Perry's iconic musical career.
Cesar Millan: “Cesar’s Pack” - Reflects a dog's joyful and bold personality.
Lily Tomlin: “Is Anybody Listening” - Evokes Tomlin’s classic "Laugh-In" character, Ernestine.
Loree Rodkin: “Brittany” - Combines the beauty of the Asian elephant with protective armor.
Oliver Benjamin: “Mellowphant” - Inspired by "The Dude" from "The Big Lebowski."
Max Fleischer: “Betty Boop” - Captures Betty Boop’s wide-eyed and alluring personality.

For more detailed information about Burbank 2024 Elephant Parade, visit our event page.


Join Us in Our Mission

By attending the Elephant Parade, you contribute to a global movement dedicated to saving elephants. Each elephant statue sold helps fund vital conservation projects. Our USPs include:
Handcrafted in Thailand: Every elephant statue is uniquely made by skilled artisans.
Donation to Conservation: 20% of our net profits are donated to elephant conservation efforts.
Worldwide Shipping: We offer global shipping to ensure our mission reaches a wide audience.

Explore More Events

Want to know where else you can experience our stunning elephant exhibitions? Check out our upcoming parade events and find an Elephant Parade near you. Join us in celebrating art and supporting the conservation of these incredible animals.
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Together, let's make a difference and ensure a future where elephants can thrive.

Support Elephant Conservation

With every purchase of an Elephant Statue you support conservation projects worldwide

  • Bolero by Narin Kantawong
  • Love Sees No Colour by Maureen Knobben
  • Disco Disco Green by Studio Chiang Mai
  • Peace, Love and Music by Howie Green
  • Stay Gold by Coco Electra
  • Magical by Mme. Chocolat
  • Phoenix of the Ashes by Gudrun Hauser
  • Simply Violet sitting by Studio Chiang Mai
  • Hello Kitty Sitting Bow Blue by Studio Chiang Mai
  • Plumage in the Wind by Supawadee Fankom
  • Eye of the believer by Ans Markus
  • Candy by Nicobar by Nicobar Team
  • Little Jaidee by Pinyada Ratanasungk
  • Iro Iro by Edith Rollinger-Simon
  • Little Happy by Priscilla Teoh-Stoute
  • Travel Light Altar by Theo Kazemier
  • In the Woods Deep Oak by Studio Chiang Mai
  • Amazing Lotus by Narin Kantawong
  • Blossom & Birds by Joanna Martin
  • Love Wild, Love Free by Manish Arora
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