Jardin Fleuri as told by Ploysiput


Ploypisut is a freelance illustrator and surface designer from Thailand currently living in Bangkok. She was born and raised in a Thai-Chinese family. She graduated with Second Class Honors BFA in Communication Design from KMITL. Her watercolor paintings, mostly inspired by Asian Folk art that relate flora and fauna. Her patterns and illustrations combining Thai and Chinese cultures. Ploypisut is passionate to create whimsy complexity work for a variety of products such as fabric, homewares, greeting cards and home décor. Let’s get to know Ploypisut more:  



What’s the inspiration of Jardin Fleuri?

Jardin Fleuri, in French, means flower garden that is full of blossoms. This work was inspired by the design of Isabella Stewart Garden Museum, but with simpler colours and patterns. The heart shape represents peace.  


How does Thailand influence your aesthetic to create illustrations?

I am originally from a small town in the countryside North-Eastern of Thailand. I grew up surrounded by beautiful Thai and Chinese fabrics, teapot, and ceramic. When I was young I always like to draw and inspired a lot from a Thai textile and a traditional Chinese painting. I decided to combine Thai and Chinese cultures into my illustrations and patterns.


How do you become a freelance illustrator and surface designer?

After I earned my BFA in Communication Design from Thailand, I decided to take a short course at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco for a year. It was a nice experience living there alone. I was living in an old Chinese apartment in Downtown. I used to work as a waitress in a Thai restaurant. I know I wanted to be an illustrator. However, I didn’t start my journey right away because of my health issue. I came back to Bangkok and worked in graphic design for two years meanwhile, I keep practising my illustration style. Then I decided to quit my job and following my freelance journey.


What inspires you as an illustrator?

During my childhood, I grew up in a Thai-Chinese family. I thought I absorb a lot from my childhood environment. I am into traditional Chinese painting and Thai textile. I am inspired by everything in daily life. Especially, Asian folk art, wildlife, animal and botanical. I love to create illustrations and patterns for licensing. I am also interested in illustrating books, editorial, and packaging.


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