Thammakit Thamboon is a professional artist with a B.F.A. in Painting at Chiang Mai University. He is mainly focused on sculpture and illustration and has illustrated three books to date – the first two referring to meditation and Zen, and the most recent being a children’s book about a dancing buffalo. He has presented his work in various galleries and museums throughout Thailand.

How long have you collaborated with Elephant Parade?

“I have designed and painted well over 20 elephants for Elephant Parade over the past decade. It has been a great experience and good fun.”


What was the inspiration behind your elephant, “Universal Blue N White”?

“My latest elephant commissioned for the Chiang Mai Parade is all about blue and white ceramics. I was doing some similar work for a client and Elephant Parade contacted me to turn my idea into an elephant. I used blue and white shards to create this elephant. The blue and white celadon, originally from 14th century China after the cobalt pigment was imported from Persia, is something which has spread all over the world over the centuries, adopted and adapted by different regions around the world and infused with different cultural influences. It is the movement of culture that inspires me, like the universal movement of stars, each unique and individual, but all interconnected.”


Can you tell us about the ceramics tradition in Thailand?

“Here in Thailand, we also have a fine tradition of ceramics – from the days of Ban Chiang, through the elegant, glazed pieces from Chiang Rai’s Wiang Kalong, through to Sukhothai and later periods.”


How do you hope your elephant will make people feel?
“I hope that my elephant can help raise awareness of how we are all connected to one another and rely on each other.”

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