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Elephant Parade loves to be in the Netherlands. Understandably, as it's the place where it all began - back in Rotterdam, 2007. It was fantastic, thanks to the Van Til Interieur, parade in Alkmaar. Our travelling herd of 20 elephants and one new elephant were on display at Van Til Interieur from 18th November - 13th January 2020.  

The event took place within a heritage centre, which showcases modern design, contemporary classics, bedroom comfort, exclusive lighting, textiles and home accessories. 






Van Til Interieur also has a rich history. It is now run by a fourth-generation family member and has always been at the forefront of innovation and an integral part of the local communityThe first furniture store opened in 1904, and on their website, you can find an impressive account of successfully overcoming the many changes occurring at the turn of the century.


In 2020, something entirely new happened. Van Til Interieur used their public space to raise awareness for elephants. The store was filled with the herd and information on Asian elephants, the projects Elephant Parade support, and why it's essential to secure a safe and happy future for pachyderms. 


A brand-new elephant was painted live onsite by Dutch artist David van der Meer as part of the Christmas festivities. During the event period, people could decorate an Elephant Parade Artbox.


Selwyn Senatori


Chris Chun


Lita Cabellut

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