Over 100 art elephants participated in Elephant Parade Amsterdam. For the Amsterdam edition of Elephant Parade, artists such as Jan des Bouvrie, Henk Schiffmacher, Menno Baars, Ilse DeLange, Corneille, Rob Scholte, Raymond Hoogendorp and Daryl van Wouw each designed an elephant statue. The elephants were auctioned by Christie’s in November 2009. The bestselling elephant was created by Corneille and was sold for €42,000. The BaarsFant by Menno Baars was sold for €30,000. Only a few weeks after the auction, Menno Baars designed his second elephant, named BabyBelly. This time, however, he painted the elephant during a live session at the Kalvertoren, a shopping mall in the Kalverstraat, a famous shopping street in Amsterdam.





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