Golden Oldie

by Erwin Brunsveld

The name of the elephant: Golden Oldie refers to the golden feet of the elephant and the old school tattoos.

Tattoos are like a page from your diary.
Certainly in the past. When tattoos still (mainly) adorned the skin of real sailors.
An old school sailor tattoo really had a meaning. That way you could see from the tattoos what the sailor had experienced and which destinations he had visited.
I wanted to tell a story with the old school tattoos of this elephant.
A few examples:
- The anchor stands for hope, salvation, calmness and steadfastness;
- The rose is the symbol of balance. The beauty of the flower expresses promise, hope and a new beginning. When the rose is combined with thorns, this also means defense and loss.
- The dragon symbolizes wisdom, power and prosperity.
- The horse shoe stands for luck.
The golden feet of the elephant symbolize the richness and especially beauty of the country where the elephant has walked.

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