• Hasselt 2012 Thursday November 1

Oli - Cacatoe

by Jan Kriekels

"The Elephant and the mouse Master Elephant perched on a tree, Holding a cheese inside of his beak. Miss Mouse, attracted by the smell Said something like this : ""Hello there, good day Mister Elephant ! How lovely you are ! How handsome you appear to me ! Honestly, if your song voice Is like your feathers, You are the phoenix of all the inhabitants in these woods."" And by these words, the Elephant is overjoyed. And in order to show his beautiful voice, He opens his beak wide, letting his prey fall to the ground The Mouse grabs it, and says : ""My good man, Learn that every flatterer Lives at the expense of the one who listens to him. This lesson, without a doubt, is well worth a cheese."" The Elephant, ashamed and embarrassed, Swore, although a little late, that he would never be taken again"

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