• Rio 2018 Monday October 1


by Babi Wrobel

Elephants remind us of luck and fortune, two things that we’re in need. At the same time, I imagine colorful images of India, henna tattoos and the statue’s sitting position with the peaceful expression related to my yoga classes that nowadays are very popular in the Ipanema and Leblon border. The yoga practice makes me feel joy, connected to myself and the city itself with the nature feeling of being carioca. That’s when the inspiration came to me with the elephant in lotus position greeting Rio’s magnificent view. The henna tattoos have arabesques that correlate again with India but this time with carioca elements such as Dois Irmãos hill, the sea, the coconut-trees, kioks, etc. I name it “Suhki” because it means “calm” in Hindu so it can disseminate serenity, happiness and good luck to all the visitors.

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