After more than ten years of absence WILDLANDS brings Elephant Parade back to Emmen!

From September 25 to October 24, WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen and the city center of Emmen will be brightened up by Elephant Parade. A total of 34 elephants will be brought on display in the Zoo and in the center of Emmen. This WILDLANDS Emmen Parade is part of the festivities around the 5th anniversary of the Zoo this year. 

WILDLANDS has the largest elephant herd in Europe with eleven elephants. The youngest pachyderm Ka Yan was born in February 2021. A wonderful fact for creating awareness around these beautiful creatures.
Handcrafted replicas and merchandise will be offered for sale in the WILDLANDS shop. In addition, WILDLANDS has opened a pop-up store in shopping mall De Weiert.

In addition to WILDLANDS Emmen Parade, several events will be organized around the five-year anniversary in 2021. These can be found at



Some of the art objects are located in the Zoo on Kompasplein and in Jungola (the habitat of the Asian elephant). Some can also be found in the city center. WILDLANDS Emmen Parade is funded by the WILDLANDS Nature and Education Fund, the park's non-profit foundation.

For the complete route in the Zoo and in the City Center, please find HERE.

A few elephant statues are designed and created specifically for this Parade. Also both artists Shunyam and MilantheArtist will do a live-painting during the exhibition and introduce their new designs to the public.

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