Elephant Parade Erwin

A small rural community set in the mountains of Northeast Tennessee is bringing smiles to its 6,000 residents and the crowds of tourists who come to visit eight cheerful 75cm elephant statues lining their 4 block Main Street.  This public art project known as the Erwin Elephant Revival is raising awareness for the plight of both captive and wild elephants as well as fundraising for 9 non-profits.  Statues will be on display from May 2018- Oct 20, 2018. A live auction will take place in downtown park on Oct 20, 2018 at noon EST.  For those who cannot participate, a proxy bid form will be provided and a live bidder will be assigned for you. Please visit erwintn.org for a full photo gallery and bidder form. Twenty percent of proceeds from the eight elephants will go to Elephant Parade’s charity partner Elephant Family.

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