Elephant Parade Mons


Elephant Parade is heading to Centre-ville de Mons, Belgium. From 31st July 2020 until 2nd September 2020, 31 elephants will be on display around the city of Mons. The brightly coloured, life-size, baby elephant statues are on parade to raise awareness and funds for Asian elephants.

The parade is free and open to the public. Each elephant is a unique art piece painted by talented artists from around the world. Using a map, available at visitMons, visitors can search for the elephants through the centre as well as enjoy the picturesque landmarks, history, and culture. 

A brand new special Mons themed elephant statue will be unveiled at the exhibition. The residents will choose the Mons elephant's name via a Facebook campaign.

There is a Pop-up shop with miniature elephants for those who would like to bring some elephant love into the home as well as a children's colouring competition located at Boutique Souvenirs:
Grand'Rue 12
7000 Mons
(à côté de Yves Rocher)

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