The Netherlands continues to show love and support for Asian elephants with the travelling herd's next stop coming to life in Ootmarsum. Ootmarsum-Dinkelland partners with Elephant Parade to raise awareness and funds for these magnificent, endangered creatures.
From 15 September to 25 November 2020, a kaleidoscope of colour in the form of 1.5-metre, hand-painted statues will be on display across Ootmarsum. Spot 37 elephants sitting beautifully in over 27 different locations around the town and 10 locations in the area of Ootmarsum. Each with their own artist story and symbolism to paint a brighter future for elephants.

There will be a Pop-up at VVV Ootmarsum, Markt 9, 7631BW packed with miniature versions from the parade as well as from artists, brands and celebrities who have been involved with Elephant Parade from around the world. 
Look out for details on a local 2D colouring competition for the inhabitants of Dinkelland. The winner will have their design painted onto a life-size, baby elephant statue!


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