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Elephant Parade returned home to The Netherlands, the country where it all started. From 1st September until 1pm on 12th October 2018, 34 elephants were on display at Schiphol airport. As one of the busiest airports in Europe, it was the perfect setting to raise awareness and funds for the Asian elephant.

The life-size, baby elephant statues paraded the “land side” at Schiphol airport and were open for all the public to visit.

There were two Pop-up shops. The first at Jan Dellaert Square and a second at Schiphol Plaza. The Pop-up shops featured a vast selection of special Dutch-themed miniature elephants as well as replicas from international artists, brands, celebrities and designers from around the world.

Holy Cheese!

Esther Springer

Endangered Species Elephant

Saskia Pfaeltzer


Frederikke Friderichsen

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