Elephant Parade Schiphol


Elephant Parade returned home to The Netherlands, the country where it all started. From 1st September until 1pm on 12th October 2018, 34 elephants were on display at Schiphol airport. As one of the busiest airports in Europe, it was the perfect setting to raise awareness and funds for the Asian elephant.

The life-size, baby elephant statues paraded the “land side” at Schiphol airport and were open for all the public to visit.

There were two Pop-up shops. The first at Jan Dellaert Square and a second at Schiphol Plaza. The Pop-up shops featured a vast selection of special Dutch-themed miniature elephants as well as replicas from international artists, brands, celebrities and designers from around the world.

“Schiphol airport has been the starting point for the majority of my visits when flying to see Mosha in Thailand. It’s with great joy that over a decade later, Elephant Parade will bring our very own Mosha statue to exhibit at the ‘gateway to Europe’. You can find her raising awareness for endangered elephants at Jan Dellaert Square.”

Mike Spits


Twelve years ago, Elephant Parade’s founders, Marc and Mike Spits, met a baby elephant called Mosha at Friends of the Asian Elephant, the world’s first elephant hospital in Lampang, Northern Thailand. They first encountered Mosha when she was just seven months old, she had stepped on a landmine, which had tragically blown off part of her leg.

Fast forward one year, the Spits’ set up Elephant Parade and first exhibited the elephant art statues in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Mosha was fitted with the first prosthetic leg for an elephant, which needs replacing every year as she grows. From the original generosity of the Dutch and then international community, the Spits’ were able to raise well-needed funds for Asian elephants. Elephant Parade to this day provides continued structural support to NGO’s and Mosha, donating 20% of their net profits each year.


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