The Swiss Tour is hosted by Franco and Claudia Knie to draw attention to raise awareness of the endangered Asian elephants through public art.

Be sure to visit a Pop-up Shop at Rapperswil Fischmarktplatz, alongside with the opportunity to enjoy elephant painting workshop! Book the workshop here

Don't forget to tag us @elephantparadefan if you visit!

Elephant Parade Swiss Tour 


Elephant Parade Swiss Tour is back! As we begin to emerge out of lockdown and look for things to do in the sunshine, our elephant herd is ready for a visit. ☀️ 🐘

The herd of over 60 colourful elephant sculptures will be on display for all the public to visit at;

Rapperswil Fischmarktplatz 

26th June - 23rd August 2020

Zurich Airport 

26th August - 11th October 2020

Zurich HB Main Station

14th October - 21st October 2020

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