From July 5th until September 30th 2016, a magnificent array of colours explored Taiwan, in the shape of Elephant Parade®’s herd of 42 individually decorated life size baby elephant statues. Hosted by Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store these playful characters, forming the world’s largest open air exhibition, brought joy to the public and raised awareness to the plight of Asian elephants. The parade debuted in Taiwan for the first time in summer 2016. Since 2007 the parade has been held in The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Italy, and numerous other places around the world. In Taiwan, the elephants have had quite the tour, visiting 16 scenic spots and historical sites.  

Steven Wu, General Manager of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi had this to say about the parade: “Shin Kong Mitsukoshi are excited to welcome Elephant Parade to Taiwan. We know that the public in Taiwan will be as moved as Shin Kong Mitsukoshi is to generate interest and support to elephant conservation. It’s been a delight to see the elephants on the backdrop of our country’s famous landmarks.”  

Elephant Parade is a fusion of playful artistic brilliance combined with, and founded on, a deep social mission. The global Elephant Parade movement was inspired in 2006 by a baby elephant called Mosha. First father, Marc Spits, and then son, Mike Spits, the founding partners met Mosha in an elephant hospital in Lampang, Thailand. Mosha at just 7 months old had lost her leg to a landmine. Mosha was fitted with the first prosthetic for an elephant, and receives continued structural support from Elephant Parade, and has since remained a happy healthy elephant. Mosha’s story of adversity is the core message of Elephant Parade, and she features in every exposition as a symbol of the organisation’s core values to protect and care for elephants.  

The 1.5 metre elephants were on show from 5th July until 30th September 2016 at Taipei Xinyi Place, Taichung Zhonggang, Tainan Place, Kaohsiung Zuoying stores. Within the congregation were three favourite Elephant Parade deigns complemented with never seen before new works of art such as “We love Mosha Taiwan”, “Rambling Rose”, “In green I can’t be seen”, “Mosaic Wings” and “Flitter Flutter”. 


Narin Kantawong

Sweet Sky Is A Stargazer, She Will Take Me Home

Coco Electra

Henna And Head Scarves

Maria Hegedus

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