After two years of planning, Elephant Parade arrived in Trier-Luxembourg in 2013. Ninety-five fascinating elephants wowed viewers and connected people in Luxembourg and Trier.


“THAT WAS AMAZING! 40 elephants in the centre of Trier and even 55 in Luxembourg City! But they didn’t make any trouble. They behaved in an exemplary way. Now it’s too bad that they are leaving again. They are sold or auctioned and, in this exceptional case, animal welfare does not mind. On the contrary: All that is left after deducting the costs goes to “The Asian Elephant Foundation” and also social institutions in Trier and Luxembourg will get financial support. From Holger to Hugo, from Atzefant to Ottifant – everybody who is anybody was there to support the campaign. The University of Trier, Otto Waalkes, Atze Schröder, and many international artists have contributed to the Elephant Parade®. It would be great if similar campaigns could take place more frequently.”


Klaus Jensen
Mayor of the City of Trier

Fragile Family

Sé van Weert


Panu Kritaramruang

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