Isabelle Habegger was born in Neuchâtel in 1958, from a family of artists and architects. Habegger had a lot of creative moments with her family that allowed her to develop painting, drawing, sculpture and music.

From 1994-1998 Habegger attended various advanced courses at the School of Fine Arts in Zurich. The first public exhibition was in 1987 in Montreux, followed by many other shows in Europe and the USA. Habegger takes inspiration from nature, music and travel, which presents itself in a symbolic or abstract form.

Elephant Parade is excited to find out more about the two new beautiful elephants, 'TARA' and 'EGLANTINE'. Please share with us your inspiration?

TARA is a healer. She symbolises Nirvana with her pink lotus flower on her forehead and with her green cape surrounded by flowers on her back. TARA symbolises rebirth, the Ying and Yang in the middle of the back represents the balance between life and death.

EGLANTINE is an artist who paints herself with a brush; she is the joy of living and adores children.


What brought you to this healing and loving theme? 

In creating these two elephants, I realised that part of me is the artist and the other part the healer. I hold a Samaritan spirit. My first training was as a medic. The choice of Neon colours is for their strength as luminous pigments.


What is your favourite animal?

I am a fan of the elephant and snow leopard.

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