Elephantastic Flight by Esther Springer

Where will the "Elephantastic Flight over Holland" take you? The beautiful beach, the colourful tulip fields, the lovely low lands, the dynamic airport or a historic city? Or maybe to all of these places? Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the view!



Elephant Parade has come to The Netherlands, the country where it all began with a parade in Rotterdam, back in 2007. Now, 34 painted elephants are being exhibited at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol until 12th October 2018.

Having travelled around the world over the last decade, it is time Elephant Parade takes it to the next level. This is the first Elephant Parade exhibition to be hosted at an airport. There are also two Elephant Parade pop-up stores at the airport for the duration of the parade. The retail stores allow people to take home their very own miniature replicas and help raise awareness and funds for the Asian elephant. 



Here are some highlights from some of talented artists whose elephants are exhibiting at Schiphol. 

Elephant by Saša Ostoja

Saša Ostoja works largely with a quill and ink. He already developed a distinctive, signature style of naïvely drawn animal characters in humorous, dangerous, or uncomfortable situations. Often with unexpected dark undertones. Look carefully into his work and find new interesting aspects every time. Clients: Volkskrant magazine, Converse, Mountain Dew, Github, Vice, I-d, Paradiso.



Endangered Species Elephant by Saskia Pfaeltzer

Saskia Pfaeltzer (1955) studied at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam and has been working as a visual artist for more than 35 years. In her art she creates a world all of her own, full of movement, dance, theatre and imagination. Her work has frequently been exhibited in the Netherlands and other countries and her commissioned and self-initiated sculptures have found their way all over the world. “I covered the elephant with a large variety of painted endangered species. Luckily for me there are plenty of them! It is shocking how many animals I know from since I was a child are on the verge of disappearing. I painted as many endangered creatures possible on the elephant.”


Golden Age by Gitte Spee

Gitte Spee was born on the island of Java in Indonesia and moved to the Netherlands when she was eleven. At first she found it strange and cold but now she would not want to live anywhere else. At first Gitte illustrated books for lots of other writers but after a while she started to write herself. She found that she enjoyed this the most as when she writes and draws she can create a unique world.Her most well known books include Mr. Big, Monkey and Mole and the Inspector Gordon series written by Ulf Nilsson.

Gitte Spee on her elephant Golden Age:

“The Golden Age, the 17th century, was the age of prosperity and growth in art and science in the Republic of the Netherlands. Let us turn the 21st century into a Golden Age for the elephants en all other animals on our planet. An age of prosperity for nature on our beautiful earth.



We do hope that you will enjoy seeing the elephants on display. Be sure to tag @elephantparadefan #elephantparade if you do!

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  • Simply Red sitting by Studio Chiang Mai
  • Love Sees No Colour by Maureen Knobben
  • Simply White sitting by Studio Chiang Mai
  • Royal elephant Gold by Chakrit Choochalerm
  • Dheva Ngen by Watchira Srichan
  • Metallic Vermilion Red by Studio Chiang Mai
  • Funny Cookies by Rasamee Kongchan
  • Patternista by Narin Kantawong
  • Disco Disco Gold by Studio Chiang Mai
  • Metallic Candy Blush by Studio Chiang Mai
  • Dreamy by Mikko Ojala
  • Patchie Indigo by Patricia Collins
  • Goldie by Sara Caspani
  • Mosaic Wings by Yansuwat Intatong
  • Stay Gold by Coco Electra
  • Somboon by Lili Tan
  • Gajah Sangkring by Studio Chiang Mai
  • Travel Light Altar by Theo Kazemier
  • Hello Kitty Sitting by Studio Chiang Mai
  • Love Frida by Narin Kantawong
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