Boyan Bik, please tell us a bit about yourself and your connection with art and Malta?

I am a Bulgarian/Macedonian graphic designer with a passion for art. I am currently working with a graphic design company as a concept art illustrator. My interest in art started when I was still a child. My passion then was drawing cars.

I came to Malta in 2015. The climate, the fact that Malta is a small island, and I heard good things about it are the main things that attracted me here.


What was your inspiration?

I wanted to create something unique. We visit a lot of tourist places in Malta which inspired me. Malta has a rich history. I placed all the landmarks into one place as a representation of its historical culture.

Do you think art plays a vital role in creating awareness?

Yes, it does. Through art, you can reach more people. Of course, there is always a place for improvement and to do more. I believe that people tend to remember visual messages and representations more easily. Everyone has a different point of view, but the meaning gets across.

What kind of art do you identify with most?

I am open to different styles. I love sculpting and making models, together with biomechanics. I like all forms of art, be it modern, futuristic or old. I also love creating skulls. I have a passion for that but don't know why.

How did painting on the shape of an elephant feel?

It was difficult and challenging. It was a new medium for me to work with. It was challenging to draw on. However, it was a great, rewarding experience. I am super happy with the result.


Why did you call your elephant Malteser, besides that it represents Maltese culture and history?

I couldn't find a better name. I felt that it needed to be a one-word name that people would remember and create an impact. My friends gave their input too!!

What does Malta and what you have painted on your elephant mean to you?

To me, it all meant a fresh start. A new chapter in our lives. Malta gave us a lot of opportunities. It is the land of opportunities.

What would you like to achieve or see take place, with regards to elephant welfare and conservation, through the sales of your elephant?

I would like to see the Maltese elephant, life-size, in one of Malta's Squares. I support all the projects Elephant Parade are contributing towards, and I am happy to see that my design will help with raising awareness for Asian elephants too.

Can you describe what is represented on your elephant?

Malteser is showcasing all that is Malta. 
The bastions, fortifications and Churches of the capital city Valletta, 
The traditional colourful Maltese fishing boat 'dghajsa,' 
The Knight from the Order of St John who played an important part in Maltese history
The Eight-Pointed Cross on the elephants head representing the Knights
Hagar Qim Temple, which dates back to 3600-3200BC. 
The traditional Maltese door and bougainvillaea found in the old Capital City of Mdina.
The Village Festa (feast) panels which hang across the streets every weekend during the summer months creating colour and vivacity in the streets.
And last but not least, the traditional Maltese bus. A one of a kind experience.

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