Colour Me Beautiful - Gilliane Palmer

"Please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for the wonderful and most professional support with this stunning project. I fell in love with my elephant the moment they unwrapped him. Simply stunning.
I have promoted your charity to all my friends and contacts. I could not have wished for a better team of people to deliver this wonderful piece

Thank you all so very much. You should all feel very proud of the amazing work you do for the love of these beautiful animals." - Gilliane

Elephant Parade is honoured to have interviewed Gilliane Palmer, who recently bought a lovely full-sized elephant called ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ designed by Diana Francis.

In this interview, Gilliane shares her experience of owning a full-size Elephant Parade statue to spread the word about Elephant Parade's hard work for endangered elephants and how much joy our elephants bring to our customers!


Why did you choose Colour Me Beautiful? 

The artist's description was the perfect fit as this gift was funded by all my friends and family for my 50th birthday present

Where have you placed your elephant? 

In our garden in the Netherlands but in a year Manée (the name I gave "him" meaning precious gem in Thai) will come to Estepona in Spain where we are building a house.  He will be placed near our pool!


What makes elephants such special animals? 

Intelligence, grace despite their size, and their love and protection over their family.

Is there anything else you'd like to add? 

I would like to say that the support I received from every single person at Elephant parade was absolutely incredible.  From the minute I sent the form on-line until delivery.  Everything was done professionally and with care.  I am in awe of your team for making such wonderful items for such an amazing and valuable cause.  Thank you and well done to you all!


Nothing cheers us up more than hearing from a happy customer. A big thank you to Gilliane once again for allowing us to share your amazing story. We wish you every happiness with your new elephant and are glad that another of our precious herd has found a new home. 

If you love the design of Colour Me Beautiful as much as Gilliane, 10cm, 15cm, and 20cm replicas version of Colour Me Beautiful are available on our webshop!

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