Which Elephant was the first one you've bought from Elephant Parade and why?


First time I saw elephants from Elephant Parade at Shopping mall at Pattaya, Thailand, when I was on a vacation and I thought they were just decorative items until I found Elephant Parade website on the Internet and read about the story of Mosha and the mission of the organization.

I was inspired by this idea: take a beautiful elephant and thereby to contribute in saving elephants in total. And I bought my first elephants - Indian Blues and miniature Mosha.




What are the names of your elephants in the photo?


On photos I showed a few of my favorite elephants:

Elephant like a watch – Watch!

Elephant with pictures of elephants - Elephant Herd

Elephant with red ornamental pattern - Little Happy (Xiao Le)

Black elephant with patterns and birds - Black Taj

Elephant like me - Shopping Queen

And Mini Mosha


Why did you choose the location in the photo as a setting?


I live in Moscow, capital of Russia. Every year in December, the city center is decorated with Christmas and New Year – these are favorite holidays in our country.  Therefore I wanted to choose the location with beautiful city center with attractions: Moscow Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral and centrally mall – GUM.


What is the inspiration behind the photoshoot?


Holiday atmosphere, stunning elephants that look amazing on the background decorated streets and big wish to show love and support for elephant conservation.


Anything else you'd like to add?


I would like to thank my husband Alexander who helped me replenishes collection elephants and took an active part in this photography. I believe that by buying the next beautiful elephant, we become part of the global mission of Elephant Parade.



The Elephant Parade bundle has arrived in Larisa's hand safely. Thank you for those who participated and helped make this giveaway such a fun competition. We really enjoyed seeing where our elephants have ended up around the world! Keep coming back! Stay tuned for the next round of our giveaway!


Support Elephant Conservation

With every purchase of an Elephant Statue you support conservation projects worldwide

  • Little Jaidee by Pinyada Ratanasungk
  • Metallic Candy Blush by Studio Chiang Mai
  • Disco Disco silver by Studio Chiang Mai
  • Love Frida by Narin Kantawong
  • Gajah Sangkring by Studio Chiang Mai
  • Magical by Mme. Chocolat
  • Peace, Love and Music by Howie Green
  • Indigo Tattoo by Chakrit Choochalerm
  • Colour Me Beautiful by Diana Francis
  • Iro Iro by Edith Rollinger-Simon
  • We love Mosha Global by Diana Francis
  • Hello Kitty Sitting Bow Blue by Studio Chiang Mai
  • Patchie Indigo by Patricia Collins
  • Porcelain Patchwork by Narin Kantawong
  • Elvis by Phil Collins
  • Dheva Ngen by Watchira Srichan
  • Bolero by Narin Kantawong
  • Metallic Vermilion Red by Studio Chiang Mai
  • Disco Disco Red by Studio Chiang Mai
  • I Love Snorkling by Shunyam
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