Chiang Mai, the second biggest city of Thailand and a very famous tourist attraction, is the home of Elephant Parade. It is a great honor that this city will host an Elephant Parade from November 4th 2023 till January 6th 2024. 

This winter 2023, a herd of 50 brightly painted elephants will take over Chiang Mai city, from November 4th 2023 to January 6th 2024. They will be placed in landmarks such as Thapae Gate, Maya Department Store, One Nimman, Akyra Manor Hotel, Jing Jai Market, Ploen Ruedee Night Market, TAT Chiang Mai Office, Chedi Luang, and Sri SuPan Temple, as well as in famous hotels such as Shangri-La, Akyra Manor, 137 Pillars, Anantara, T. Heritage, Papu House, UN Irish Pub, and Boggy & Thol Jewelry. 

Tourists and city dwellers are sure to catch elephant fever, which will spread throughout our beautiful city. This event is made possible by the creativity of Thai and international artists and the generous support of Tourism Authority of Thailand-Chiang Mai Office along with international companies such as Driessen and Plymovent.

For kids and those who love games, there is also a treasure hunt for which beautiful prizes include a selection of elephant figurines in three sizes: 75cm, 30cm, and 15cm. The game also includes 20 elephant art boxes and 20 free workshops at Elephant Parade Land Factory.

Elephant Parade is a social enterprise that organizes the world's largest art exhibition of decorated elephant statues. Each elephant statue is a unique work of art created by international artists and celebrities. The life-size baby elephant statues are exhibited in international cities and in special places to raise awareness and money for Asian elephants. At least 20% of Elephant Parade's net profits, with a minimum of 50,000 Euros per year, are donated to elephant welfare and conservation projects.

Baby elephant Mosha lost part of her leg after stepping on a landmine and inspired the creation of Elephant Parade. She was the first elephant to receive a prosthetic leg, and Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital, Mosha's home base in Lampang, receives financial support for her care.

Elephants are the national symbol of Thailand. Asian elephants are an endangered species and desperately need our help. Human-elephant conflict, loss of natural habitat, poaching and capture are the greatest issues threatening elephants. In just the recent three generations, 50% of the Asian elephant population has been lost. It is now estimated there are less than 50,000 wild elephants left throughout Asia of which only 2,200 in Thailand.

Jeannette Brüske-Woelinga (General Manager Asia & Middle East): “With this Elephant Parade we want to show the world how proud we are of our artists who use all their craftmanship to create these beautiful, unique pieces of art. Having a Parade in Chiang Mai Thailand – so close to the habitat of these magnificent creatures - will help to raise awareness and money for the beneficiaries of Elephant Parade; NGO Elephant Family and Friends of the Asian Elephant.”

As part of the Parade, don't miss visiting the Elephant Parade Land, which is open to the public. Guests can visit the museum, movie room, and library; take a behind-the-scenes tour of the production studio; and see the garden filled with colorful life-size baby elephant statues.

Be Part of It!

Interested to buy a beautiful limited edition replica of one of the big elephant statues? Please visit our factory:

OPEN:     8.30 AM – 5.30 PM
Address:  180/9 Moo7 T.San Pee Seua A.Muang Chiang Mai 50300 
Phone:     +66 (0) 53-111-849,  +66 (0) 629189621

Or any of the other shops in Chiang Mai:
OPEN:     9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Address:  154,156 Charoen Rat Rd. T.Wat Gate A.Muang Chiang Mai
Phone:     +66 (0) 856946448

OPEN:     9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Address:  89/8 Changklan Rd. A.Muang Chiang Mai
Phone:     +66 (0) 639155707

OPEN:     10.00 AM – 10.00 PM
Address:  1 Nimmanahaeminda  Rd. T.Suthep A.Muang Chiang Mai 50200
Phone:     +66 (0) 6119071991

Also shops at Bangkok, Phuket & Hua Hin.




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