In collaboration with the Singer Laren museum and concert hall, Elephant Parade celebrated its 10th anniversary in the summer of 2017 in Laren, Netherlands. Elephant Parade is committed to raise awareness and funds for the protection and conservation of the Asian elephant. From the 18th of June to mid-September, dozens of unique elephant statues conquered the streets of Laren for a special outdoor exhibition. In addition to existing elephant statues, 10 artists and performers created new elephants for the occasion.


The parade started at the Brink to end via the Naarderstraat and the new entrance of Singer Laren in the sculpture garden of Singer Museum Laren. The sculpture garden of Singer Laren was available to visit free of charge and was without a doubt a beautiful décor for these special elephant statues.



Frederikke Friderichsen


Papageno Huis & Maja Boot

Tomorrow I'll Be Famous

Selwyn Senatori

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