• Docks Bruxsel 2019 Friday September 20
  • Swiss Tour 2020 Friday June 26
  • Laren 2017 Sunday June 18
  • Schiphol 2018 Sunday April 1


by Barbara Wijnveld

"For my design for the Elephant Parade I was inspired by Ganesha. Ganesha is a Hindu supernatural being with the head of an elephant. He is the god of knowledge and wisdom and the patron saint of travelers and people who start something new. A small rat is the vehicle of the great Ganesha. Ganesha was beheaded. And was a lifeless body. By placing the head of an elephant on Ganesha’s torso he started a new life. I think this is a nice visual symbol for the fact that you can’t live without head, no matter what kind of head. I have interwoven my portrait with images of Ganesha, from head to toe including the rat. A self-portrait. The title Holi is a reference to the colourful Holi festival."

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