No fewer than 70 elephant art statues will take over the streets in Twente (The Netherlands) from 20 September to 31 October. Due to the great success of last year, the world exhibition is coming to Ootmarsum again, but this time the elephants can be seen throughout the Northeast of Twente. As with last year's edition, this exhibition will also feature a number of elephants designed by artists from the region.


Beautiful walking, cycling and car routes make a logical connection between all 70 elephants. In the centers of Ootmarsum, Denekamp and Oldenzaal there will be walking routes along the elephants and in the countryside, cycling routes will be set out through the entire region along the elephants. The total cycle route of 165 km is divided into four different 'tubes' of approximately 50 km each. A special 130 km car route has also been set up along all elephants in the outer area. The entire route is ideal for a stay of several days in the region.

Colorful walking, cycling and car booklets contain information about the artists' inspiration for the elephant painting and also show the locations and companies where they can be viewed. The routes can be picked up from 20 September at the tourist information offices/Tourist Info in Denekamp, ‚Äč‚ÄčLosser, Oldenzaal, Ootmarsum and Tubbergen.

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