Elephant Magnet

Looking for an artistic animal magnet? Check out our selection of cute fridge magnets.

These elephant magnets are very nice as cute fridge magnets. But of course you can put them anywhere you like (as long as it’s an iron surface). Fridge magnet? Animal magnet? Kids magnet? Yes! It’s all that, it’s our Elephant magnet!

Elephant Keyrings

Not just any animal keyrings: Elephant Keyrings!

Keep your keys sorted in a stylish way with our Elephant Keyrings, the most original of all animal keyrings!

Elephant Tote Bag

 A stylish Elephant Bag or Elephant Handbag 

The elephant tote bag comes in super handy! This elephant handbag carries all your possessions. The elephant bag can be used as an elephant shoulder bag or as an elephant shopping bag, but be careful…an actual elephant will not fit!

Silver Elephant Bracelet

A very stylish animal bracelet: The silver elephant bracelet.

Our elephant bracelet: An elegant gift or something to spoil yourself with. Our silver elephant bracelet will not disappoint. This Elephant Parade themed animal bracelet is an absolute stunning keepsake made of sterling silver.


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Color Parades
  • Keyring elephant whiteBy Studio Chiang Mai$ 12,95
  • 3D Magnet - Blossoming Tree of LoveBy $ 11,95
  • 3D Magnet - Patchie IndigoBy Patricia Collins$ 11,95
  • Keychain Amazing LotusBy Narin Kantawong$ 12,95
  • Keychain ProsperityBy Katrina Read$ 12,95
  • 3D Magnet - SarawakBy Wanchelerm Mueanpang$ 11,95
  • 3D Magnet - LoveBy Romero Britto$ 11,95
  • 3D Magnet - One Hundred FlowersBy Li BingBing$ 11,95
  • Keychain Sarawak By Wanchalerm Mueanpang$ 12,95
  • 3D Magnet - PrakritiBy Manish Malhotra$ 11,95
  • Keychain SunnyBy Studio Chiang Mai$ 12,95
  • City Bag - GreyBy Studio Chiang Mai$ 39,95
  • Badge cap - Olive greenBy Studio Chiang Mai$ 23,95
  • City Bag - TuskBy Studio Chiang Mai$ 39,95
  • Keychain Hidden DiamondsBy Wanchalerm Mueanpang$ 12,95
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