Elephant Magnet

Looking for an artistic animal magnet? Check out our selection of cute fridge magnets.

These elephant magnets are very nice as cute fridge magnets. But of course you can put them anywhere you like (as long as it’s an iron surface). Fridge magnet? Animal magnet? Kids magnet? Yes! It’s all that, it’s our Elephant magnet!

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Color Parades
  • 3D Magnet - Peacock GardenBy Narin Kantawong$ 11,95
  • 3D Magnet - Rooster KingBy Andrea Episcopo$ 11,95
  • 3D Magnet - PrakritiBy Manish Malhotra$ 11,95
  • 2D Magnet - AmansaraBy Kesorn Mueanpang$ 5,95
  • 3D Magnet - Tuan YuanBy Khunakorn Muenpang$ 11,95
  • 2D Magnet - Peacock GardenBy Narin Kantawong$ 5,95
  • 3D Magnet - EdoBy Studio Chiang Mai$ 11,95
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