Elephant Memory Game

The most appropriate animal memory game or elephant game: the ELEPHANT memory game.

Looking for a cute animal game? Or more specific an elephant game? Why not an elephant memory game? It is the most appropriate animal memory game because of the strong memories of elephants. Also nice as a gift as kids memory game but also very suitable for adults we assure you. Test your memory with this beautiful and artistic elephant memory game with designs of elephant parade elephants.

Elephant Colouring Book

The most elephantastic adult animal colouring book or also suitable as kids colouring book.

What a nice animal colouring book: the elephant colouring book! Suitable as a kids colouring book but also very nice and challenging for adults. Give your life and the elephants some colour with this Elephant Parade elephant colouring book!

Mosha Elephant Plush

A Mosha elephant soft toy: the cutest elephant cuddle toy!

Who wants to cuddle Mosha, the inspiration behind Elephant Parade? This elephant plush gives you the opportunity to get the cutest animal plush right in your hands. This elephant soft toy is a nice cuddle animal. If you are looking for a special cuddle animal, animal soft toy or more specific elephant cuddle toy, as a present or as a kids plush…Mosha is your girl! And trust us: not just as children plush, also very popular with adults!

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