The workshop is a great, fun activity for all ages that not only allows you to design your very own elephant but to support elephant conservation through art. The idea of the Elephant Parade painting workshop is inspired by our many vibrant elephants, created from an eclectic mix of artists, brand collaborations and superstars. Suddenly, all the pieces fit together in one moment of inspiration, why not let people create their own masterpieces that they can take home and be part of it?

First off, let's start with some awesome facts about Elephant Parade Painting workshop. 

Where can you do an Elephant Parade painting workshop? 


Elephant Parade has a number of shops across Thailand and one in Singapore. At each site, our shop staff are ready to guide you through the process with some secret tricks. 

To find the full address take a look at our "Find a Store" section.


When can you do an Elephant Parade painting workshop? 


You are welcome to pop in any time during the above shops opening hours.


How much does it cost?


There are 2 sizes of elephants available for workshop; 10cm (600 THB) and 15cm (1000 THB). If you choose a 15cm elephant you are also able to submit the elephant to join our global Artbox contest.


How long does it take to finish the workshop?


1-2 hours, but there's no official limit. Some people have been known to spend the whole day with us! And that's just fine. Go at your own speed. 


What does the workshop include? 



Can't reach any of our Asia destinations? Do no fret, you can always purchase an Artbox from our webshop and work from the comfort of your home. Don't forget to submit your 15cm design to our global Artbox competition for a chance for it to be turned into a 1.5 metre, full-size, baby elephant statue and be part of our travelling herd!


Support Elephant Conservation

With every purchase of an Elephant Statue you support conservation projects worldwide

  • Daisies by Benjamin Sang-Gernchai
  • Lucky Elephant by Noek Oude Ophuis
  • Tree of Life by Diana Francis
  • Cowphant by Studio Phantasma
  • Dheva Ngen by Watchira Srichan
  • Patternista by Narin Kantawong
  • Phoenix of the Ashes by Gudrun Hauser
  • Colours of Chiang Mai by Khunakorn Muenpang
  • Royal elephant Gold by Chakrit Choochalerm
  • Dreamy by Mikko Ojala
  • Simply Indigo sitting by Studio Chiang Mai
  • Salu by Jean Fetz
  • Chiangmai Red Bus by Wanchalerm Mueanpang
  • Simply White sitting by Studio Chiang Mai
  • One Degree North #2 by Diana Francis
  • United Hands by Studio Chiang Mai
  • Simply Violet sitting by Studio Chiang Mai
  • Funny Cookies by Rasamee Kongchan
  • Love Frida by Narin Kantawong
  • Edo by Studio Chiang Mai
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