Elephant StatueWe love Mosha Global

By Diana Francis Europe Herd

Mosha is the inspiration behind Elephant Parade and is the centrepiece in all our Elephant Parade Collections. She has a prosthetic leg just like she has in real life! For every parade, there is always Mosha with the host city painted on her front left leg.

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Elevate your home decor with our We love Mosha Global Elephant Statue

Description Elephant name: We love Mosha Global
Artist: Diana Francis
Parade: Europe Herd

The "We Love Mosha Global" elephant statue honors Mosha, the real-life elephant with a prosthetic leg, who has become the symbol of hope and resilience for Elephant Parade. This decorative elephant is a central piece in every collection, showcasing the host city on her front left leg, making each parade uniquely memorable. Crafted with love, it not only serves as a beautiful piece of elephant decorated art but also as a reminder of Elephant Parade's commitment to conservation and the well-being of elephants like Mosha. By bringing "We Love Mosha Global" into your home, you contribute to this noble cause, supporting elephant conservation efforts around the world.
Note: Handpainted in Chiang Mai, Thailand, each Elephant Parade replica, including "We Love Mosha Global," is unique; slight variations in design may occur, adding to the charm and significance of your piece.

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