Delft Blue Allover

By Studio Chiang Mai Europe Herd

Delft Blue is hot! This unique style of pottery has been made in Delft since the end of the 16th century, and is still a source of inspiration for modern designers today. The design of the Delft Blue Allover elephant reflects the Delft Blue history in a playful way. A contemporary Dutch Design with a traditional flavour.

€ 79,95


Product details

Description Elephant name: Delft Blue Allover
Artist: Studio Chiang Mai
Parade: Europe Herd

All Elephant Parade replicas are carefully handcrafted in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Due to their handcrafted nature, each piece is unique and may vary slightly in design.

Parcels dimensions and weight
Parcels Length Height Width Weight
1x parcel 19 cm 17 cm 13 cm 0.8 kg
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