Elephant StatueFunny Cookies

By Rasamee Kongchan

Elephant Parade always seems to attract the enthusiasm and imagination of young people and this simple idea combines joy and happiness, celebrating the involvement of thousands of school children in the UK.

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Elevate your home decor with our Funny Cookies Elephant Statue

Description Elephant name: Funny Cookies
Artist: Rasamee Kongchan

Indulge in the delightful charm of the "Funny Cookies" Elephant Statue from Elephant Parade, a whimsical masterpiece that transcends traditional artistry. Each detail tells a unique story, making it a vibrant addition to any space.

For collectors and enthusiasts of Elephant figurines, "Funny Cookies" stands out as a playful and captivating choice. Its artistic elegance and youthful exuberance make it a delightful addition to diverse collections. By bringing this Elephant Statue into your home, you not only enhance your surroundings with a touch of whimsy but also contribute to Elephant Parade's commitment to conservation. Join the movement, celebrate creativity, and let the enchantment of "Funny Cookies" fill your space with joy.

Each Elephant Parade replica is meticulously handcrafted in Chiang Mai, Thailand, ensuring a unique touch; please note, as replicas, slight design variations may occur.

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Handcrafted in Thailand
Donation to elephant conservation
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