Elephant StatueNima Nima

By Mayoly Ruiz

Life gave me the possibility to travel a bit. I noticed that regardless of beliefs, nationality or race, kindness should be present everywhere. Ignorance makes our differences bigger such that tolerance, understanding and peace become more difficult to have. I think we are living in a very hard moment because we are losing attention to what matters, and what matters is not related to the amount of money or social recognition. What really matters comes wrapped in paper of smiles, kindness and care.

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Elevate your home decor with our Nima Nima Elephant Statue

Description Elephant name: Nima Nima
Artist: Mayoly Ruiz

In a world often distracted by wealth and recognition, "Nima Nima" serves as a gentle reminder of what truly matters – the warmth of smiles, the tenderness of kindness, and the nurturing care we share. This decorative elephant is a testament to the universal values that bind us all.
With each "Nima Nima" Elephant Figurine, you not only adorn your space with a symbol of love and compassion but also support the noble cause of elephant conservation. Handcrafted in Thailand and available in various sizes, these figurines are hand-painted with precision and shipped worldwide to spread messages of unity.
Note: Our Elephant Parade replicas are unique, and slight design variations may occur.

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Parcels Length Height Width Weight
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Handcrafted in Thailand
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