Featured in these Elephant Parades

The Messenger

by Paul Robert

"Hermes was a trusted messenger for the gods and well known to be associated with the traits of communication and education, he also had the power to heal. So with this in mind I wanted the elephant to transform into Hermes, the messenger for the Elephant Parade and the elephants. He has travelled from destination to destination (The Parades) to communicate and educate the people with the message of the Parade. I also believe this will entice people to investigate further the parades actions and movements over the past years. As you can see there are various elements going on, a map for instance that will depict the destinations of the parade shown by the red dotted line. He has also picked up various souvenirs on his travels as clues from previous parades and countries. There are also other clues such as an Egg timer, this signifies time and that the elephants are running out of it rapidly. He has a couple of companions too, friends that keep him company, the bird who is un-caged so is seen as free and a symbol of good luck. The mouse, though tiny, signifies each and everyone of us, he signifies that we as individuals can make a difference, hence why he is holding a pair of clogs from Amsterdam, the origins of the Elephant parade where it all started."

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