Elephant Statues

For artful Elephant Figurines check Elephant Parade’s unique selection of handcrafted Elephant Sculptures

Elephant Parade has a unique selection of handcrafted and hand painted Elephant Statues. Our Elephant Figurines and Elephant Sculptures, Elephant Ornaments, Handcrafted Elephants and Elephant Art are all designed by a wide range of artists, designers, celebrities and other talented people with a heart for Elephant Conservation.

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Size Color Style Parades
  • CelestialBy Chakrit Choochalerm$ 2.590,00
  • A Love StoryBy Kesorn Mueanpang$ 2.590,00
  • Beauty in FreedomBy Noppawan Nuansiri$ 2.590,00
  • Beauty in the CityBy Ye Ruoshi$ 2.590,00
  • SomboonBy Lili Tan$ 2.590,00
  • Travel Light AltarBy Theo Kazemier$ 2.590,00
  • -30%
    Henna & Head ScarvesBy Maria Hegedus$ 2.590,00 Now for $ 1.813,00
  • Monkey BusinessBy Vikarnda Suwanpitak$ 2.590,00
  • Gaj ManiBy Yodsaran Chaiduangkaew$ 3.535,00
  • In ParadiseBy Gitte Spee$ 2.590,00
  • Rainbow ReefBy Nara Strete$ 3.535,00
  • Bamboo ForestBy Chris Chun$ 2.590,00
  • Ele BooBy Suneet Varma & Prateek Dubey$ 3.535,00
  • Peacock GardenBy Narin Kantawong$ 2.590,00
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