• Tropical FoliageBy Chris Chun$ 54,95
  • Dheva NgenBy Watchira Srichan$ 54,95
  • Happy BindiBy Catherine Knowles$ 54,95
  • TaraBy Isabelle Habegger$ 54,95
  • MagicalBy Mme. Chocolat$ 64,95
  • EdoBy Studio Chiang Mai$ 64,95
  • I Want to Be Pink and Fluffy TooBy Shunyam$ 64,95
  • Elephas MusaBy Luciana Mori$ 54,95
  • Love Sees No ColourBy Maureen Knobben$ 54,95
  • Lucky CoinsBy Santi Takaew$ 54,95
  • Return of Delightful DurianBy Nat Posilla$ 64,95
  • A Grande SereiaBy Thuany Kohlbach$ 64,95
  • Tulip ForeverBy Studio Chiang Mai$ 54,95
  • BarbieBy Denis Roueche$ 64,95
  • SamenspelBy Ton Schulten$ 64,95

The elephant statues from our public art expositions worldwide are now also available in small sizes - giving you the opportunity to have an elephant figurine at home or on your desk at work. For many of our world-famous elephant statue designs, we also make miniature elephant figurines, available in sizes from 10 to 75cm. Our talented team of studio artists have prepared a range of handcrafted elephant miniatures and elephant decorations, based on the original parade statues, allowing you to enjoy the spirit and the colour of Elephant Parade in your very own home. You can even start a collection and have your very own miniature Elephant Parade!

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