Elephant StatueSea the Point!

By Laura Seeley Dana Point 2013

Uniting for a global cause - that's the point of this majestic harmony between the elephant and the whale. The world's oceans connect us all and unifying the largest mammals of land and sea sheds light on the mission to create awareness of the critical plight of the Asian Elephant, as well as Dana Point's continuing commitment to local and global conservation.

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Elevate your home decor with our Sea the Point! Elephant Statue

Description Elephant name: Sea the Point!
Artist: Laura Seeley
Parade: Dana Point 2013

The "Sea the Point!" elephant statue emerges as a symbol of unity and ecological consciousness, inspired by the collective effort to highlight the plight of the Asian Elephant and the essence of global conservation spearheaded by Dana Point. This piece artistically merges the imposing figures of the elephant and the whale, celebrating the vital connections of our world's oceans. As a beacon of hope and action, it stands not just as an object of elephant art but as a call to awareness and unity in conservation efforts.
Note: Crafted with care in Chiang Mai, Thailand, "Sea the Point!" exemplifies the uniqueness of Elephant Parade replicas; slight variations in design may occur, underscoring the individual charm of each piece.

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Handcrafted in Thailand
Donation to elephant conservation
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