Que Seja Doce

By Érica Morais São Paulo 2017

Art inspired by an excerpt from the tale "Dragons doesn't know paradise" by Caio Fernando Abreu (renowned Brazilian writer), the nice elephant "Que Seja Doce" wants to surprise viewers and make the routine of São Paulo more sweet and joyful even for an instant. So, let it be sweet. Every morning, when I open the windows to let in the sunshine or the grayness of a day, that's just what I repeat, let it be sweet. When is sunny and the sun strikes my face creased with sleep or insomnia, as I wacht the particles of dust floating in the air like a little universe, I repeat seven times for luck: let it be sweet let it be sweet let it be sweet and so on." (Caio F. Abreu). And let be sweet everything that has to be!

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Description Elephant name: Que Seja Doce
Artist: Érica Morais
Parade: São Paulo 2017

Parcels dimensions and weight
Parcels Length Height Width Weight
1x parcel
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  • Posted by: Stephanie

    Really sweet elephant. The colors are great and the painting has a lot of details.

    October 21 2021

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