By Nipon Kaewkumdee, Santi Takaew, Chico Chicano

Discover fortune in our Multipack Fortune—a trio of small elephant figurines featuring Bobo, Lucky Coin, and Peony Rose. These handcrafted elephants bring luck and artistic flair to your space. Perfect for gifting, this set blends small elephant figurines and decorative statues.

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Elevate your home decor with our Fortune Multipack

Description Elephant name: Multipack Fortune
Artist: Nipon Kaewkumdee, Santi Takaew, Chico Chicano

Embark on a journey of prosperity with Elephant figurine set Fortune, a trio of small elephant figurines designed to bring luck and joy. This collection includes Bobo, a whimsical creation by Chico Chicano; Lucky Coin, symbolizing good fortune by Santi Takaew; and Peony Rose, a delicate masterpiece by Nipon Kaewkumdee.
Handcrafted to perfection, these decorative statues add artistic elegance to your space. Each piece is a thoughtful gift, capturing the artists' creativity. These decorative elephant statues not only add a touch of artistic elegance to your space but also serve as a meaningful and thoughtful elephant present for special occasions.
Note: Expertly crafted in Chiang Mai, Thailand, each Elephant Parade replica is made with care; remember, as replicas, they might show slight design differences.

Parcels dimensions and weight
Parcels Length Height Width Weight
1x parcel 29 cm 9 cm 6 cm 0.7 kg
Handcrafted in Thailand
Donation to elephant conservation
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